After a whirlwind day your gown is bound to have some spots and stains. Some you can clearly see, like dirt at the hemline, others like sweat oxidize over time.

What does that mean?

Certain stain are not necessarily visible when they happen. Oxygen in the air interacts with the stains causing them to caramelize and darken over time. Acidic stains like soda and wine can even weaken the material causing serious damage.

What can I do?

Bring your gown in as soon as you are able. Our wedding gown specialists carefully examine every gown, establishing the most suitable method of cleaning, making notes of all spots, stains, and damages.

Inspections are made at every stage of the cleaning and preservation process to ensure your dress comes as clean as possible.

Handled with care

Each wedding gown receives special handling, with attention given to every detail. From the initial inspection, to hand stain spotting and finishing; your dress is in good hands.

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