Pillows Cleaned and Sanitized

Few things are as sacred to an individual as their cherished personal pillow, particularly an expensive down pillow. 

While a pillow may not appear soiled; over time body oils, perspiration, and let’s face it…drool all build up. Even germs from a sickness can linger in your pillow. 

Ram’s pillow service cleans and sanitizes your feathers; all while removing the build up of dust and odor from over the years. The feathers are then fluffed and blown into new ticking (Pillow Cover).

Get your pillow cleaned today!!!

🌜Sleep Happy Tonight 🌛


Ram’s team can also help you by cleaning your comforters. Our large capacity washers are dryers can handle the largest of comforters with ease.

Ram is happy to provide estimates and answers to your questions concerning:

  • Custom Size Pillows
  • Down filled Mattresses
  • Feather Bedding

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