Fur Cleaning

Every time you wear your fur garments they are picking up dirt, dust, and oils. These pollutants build up and can leave your fur looking dull and lifeless, and over time they can even damage the skins causing bald patches.

Yearly cleanings for fur garments is recommended. This helps ensure the beauty and longevity of your fur garment.

Our senses are stimulated by luxury, and a beautiful fur garment is the embodiment of luxury and elegance.

Ram also cleans your faux (man-made) furs!

Protect Your Investment

When you’re not out enjoying your fabulous fur make sure you are protecting them!!! Avoid introducing your fur to direct light, plastic wrapping, and hot and/or humid environments. If professional storage is not an option, it is best to keep them in a breathable garment bag in back of an interior closet in your home. The attic and basement are two of the worst places to store them. Breathable bags are available for purchase either by themselves or with cleaning.

The pride you take in your investment shows in how you care for it.

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