Ram Leather Care has come a long way over the last 68 years in business.
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In 1951 Danny Weinberg borrowed $200 to travel from Chicago to Kansas City, MO. Working in a 1 room facility, and operating under the name Wardrobe Service, Mr. Weinberg started a reweaving service with only 2 reweavers working for him. After about a year of operation in Kansas City they added another service, dying fabrics. In association with Almore Dye house, they started handling dye work for their dry cleaning customers. This naturally led into dying other materials, leather in particular. Mr. Weinberg teamed up with a local cleaner and started cleaning leathers as well as dying them. He soon parted ways with his partners and opened his first full scale leather cleaning plant. By 1959 business had expanded. The plant was moved to a larger facility that could accommodate improvements in leather cleaning, reweaving, and added fur cleaning & storage. The driver’s routes extended into Indiana, Nebraska, Illinois, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas, Iowa, and Kansas. The wholesale business continued to increase and in 1968 they moved facilities again. Satellite plants were also opened in Omaha and St. Louis. During this time began the transition from being called Wardrobe Service to Ram Leather Care.

Today Ram Leather care is headquartered in St. Louis. We have remained in the facility located at 8720 St. Charles Rock Rd. The current owner is Pat Moffat who was trained by Danny himself, has some humble beginnings himself.

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