Leather Repair

  • Zippers
  • Buttons
  • Pocket Linings
  • Coat Linings
  • Scuffs, Tears, & Cuts in Leather
  • Knit Cuffs, Collars, & Waistbands
  • Shortening Hems & Cuffs
  • Leather Panel Replacement
  • Many More Services – Just Ask!

We Also Repair Furs

  • Pocket linings
  • Zippers
  • Snaps/Hooks
  • New Linings
  • Many More Services – Just Ask!

Reweaving & Reknitting

You don’t have to throw your expensive garments away because of cuts, holes, burns or moth damage. Don’t discard your favorite garments – let our weavers repair it and prolong the life of your favorite garment.


  • French Weaving – Used for small holes, repair is virtually invisible
  • Over-weave – Used for larger holes, or small holes clustered together, tends to show more.
  • Reknitting – Used for knitted garments. restores pattern and prevents yarn for unraveling
  • Renapping – Used for felted fabrics

Have Questions?

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