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Prestige Preservation

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Just as our parents did for us, we will share knowledge and experience of life with our children.  It is also our nature to want to pass down the important physical items and treasures that have come to mean so much to us during our lifetime. 


Experts in the field of the valuation of antiquities always point out that the most important factor in judging the value of an item from the past is the item's condition. Of course, sentimental value is important, but a well-preserved and carefully stored family keepsake that is passed from generation to generation will be more valuable (both sentimentally and financially) if the item has been carefully preserved. Museums and art galleries are the primary experts in these techniques. Treasured heirlooms of history such as sculpture, paintings, tapestries, clothing, jewelry, and documents are stored and exhibited by museums for future generations.


Keeping artifacts unchanged and undamaged requires sophisticated processes. For example, the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC is responsible for our country’s most treasured piece of cloth: The Star-Spangled Banner (Old Glory). The techniques employed by the museum to protect and preserve this treasure include: moisture and humidity management, pH control, and protection from insects, bacteria, and other contaminants.


Prestige Preservation products are specifically designed to provide a system of MuseumStyle™ preparation, preservation, and storage for all of your irreplaceable garments, family textiles, skins, furs, and other memorabilia. Prestige Preservation is a nationwide company that licenses its exclusive preservation methods and systems to the top specialty cleaning processors in the United States and Canada. You can be assured that a Prestige Preservation offers the finest and most consistent care for your precious garments.


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