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Prestige Preservation


Many garments require special care. Our process at Ram Leather Care will give your garment the very best cleaning available. Ram uses a variety of technologies in order to custom process your garments with the best system for their individual needs. Ram employs an environmentally friendly cleaning system.


First, your garment will be carefully inspected to determine its condition and the necessary work required. Then, spots and stains are treated by hand with a wide range of spotting agents and techniques. If we know the composition and makeup of a stain, then we can properly treat the spot for more successful removal of that particular stain.


If your garment is leather, it will then be immersed in one of our carefully balanced cleaning systems to fully flush out soils and impurities, while replenishing the natural oils and waxes that are important to prolong the garment's longevity. Removing dust, stains and soil and renewing natural oils is essential in maintaining the quality of the leather garment. We even restore color when needed. Restoring the texture and color to your leather will prolong the youthful appearance of your garment. Of course garments are given a final inspection with attention to every detail.


If your garment is a fur, Ram's fur specialists will expertly clean your fur by removing dust and soil. The lining of the coat is sprayed with a cleaning agent to remove ground in soil, makeup, body oils, or other stains. Removing dust and soil is essential in maintaining the suppleness of the fur pelts. Your fur is then placed into a tumbling drum with fur cleaning compounds, lightly moistened with soil mollifiers, natural oils and waxes. After gentle tumbling, they are shaken and hand-blown to remove remaining compounds from the fur.



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